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Our Story

Creating jewelry has forever been a passion of mine. I got my start in the industry by creating high end jewelry but things shifted when I went away for college. I took a letter that my grandfather had written and designed a necklace as an exact replica of his handwriting. The necklace was beautiful and something I could wear everyday while providing me some comfort knowing he was nearby. The amount of attention the piece received from my friends and family was astonishing. Everyone started inquiring about having a special piece of jewelry created that was personal to them, except my friends were all college students and couldn’t afford expensive jewelry.

It was then that I realized where I wanted to shift my attention: creating sentimental jewelry at affordable prices. I felt a calling to create a brand that could replicate the amount of joy and comfort that my friends and I felt with our pieces. I also wanted people to celebrate their loved ones and the life they share together through something timeless like jewelry. 


We Care

You are our muse and your story is our motivation. We put our love and care into each piece we craft, understanding the significance it carries for our customers. Because of this, we value high-quality materials — your story was made to last.

Our Promise

Every item of jewelry that we design has a story. Hearing the heartfelt descriptions of each piece of handwriting gives our team motivation to put our love and care into every item we craft. We understand each piece is so significant to our customers, we want them to last! If there are ever any issues with the jewelry, please feel free to contact us with your concerns. Our team is dedicated to making you happy and to making sure your jewelry is perfect.

An Inside Look

Take a behind-the-scenes look and get to know our teams that make each stage of the CM experience possible.

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Our Care Team

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